12 months ago i started on a journey that changed my life forever!

I had always known that i was submissive and for 19 years i had visited professional Mistresses on a casual basis. Some years i would have a session once every month or 2 and some years i might only have 3 or 4 sessions in the whole year!

Meeting Mistress Elysia on Wednesday 24th of January 2018 changed everything for me. I had booked a 1 hour session but i knew inside the first 10-15 minutes that i had found the Domme i had been waiting so many years to find. In the final 10 minutes of the session i was already trying to work out in my head when and how soon i could see her again. As it turned out i was back again within 3 days and then again the following week and the following week and the following week and sometimes twice a week and one time even 2 days in a row until there i was last Thursday, 1 year/52 weeks later having my 52nd session and later sitting across from a Mistress who is everything i've ever dreamt of having lunch to celebrate our first year as Mistress and slave.

(A pic from my 2nd session with Mistress Elysia.. i'm in there somewhere lol)

I had first came across Mistress Elysia's web site some months before i actually booked my first session with her which is something i now regret very much as it feels like time wasted where i could have been serving the the Mistress of my dreams. Obviously i already knew from her photos that Mistress Elysia was an absolutely stunning Mistress but nothing could have prepared me for the first time i saw her in the flesh.

I can still remember it very clearly and remember thinking how perfect she looked it her corset that showed off her gorgeous figure.. Goodness knows what her first impressions were of me as at this point i was a bit of a sweaty, breathless mess after some pre session running around town... In my defense there was a very good reason for this as it was because i had been so determined to make the best first impression i possibly could. I wanted to take Mistress a gift from her wishlist but unfortunately i had booked the session only 3 days in advance so i had no time to order the item online. So off i went on a hunt around Glasgow city centre with only 60 minutes left until the start of my session... after a lot of brisk walking, a few different shops and several failed attempts i found the elusive ghd hairbrush i was looking for just in the nick of time in a shop a fair walk from the Dungeon but as i've discovered this past year, when it comes to it and i need to up my pace to make my session start time i somehow find an extra gear.

(slave5 and Mistress Elysia)

So here i was, out of breath, naked and on by knees before the most beautiful woman i had ever layed eyes on and from the word go i knew my place. Her voice and words drew me in immediately, i had obviously heard of love at first sight but for all intents and purposes i was pretty much HER slave at first sight! I was instantly mesmerized by her and i firmly believe any submissive male or female for that matter who spends more than a few minutes with Mistress Elysia will become addicted to her. We had briefly discussed my interests inc. a number of things i'd always fancied trying but never had before and also some of my usual favourites which were also on Mistresses likes list.

Normally in my experience first sessions were a bit hit and miss. The reason for this is very simple, both you and the Mistress are just getting to know each other and in some cases you just don't click and you feel no connection. I have had sessions before where i've left at the end feeling deflated and/or disappointed and in some cases regretting even going. I've had times where i've wondered if it was even worth continuing my kinky journey. Any and all doubts i ever had regarding this evaporated completely after one hour in the presence of Mistress Elysia... Suddenly i felt like i was where i was meant to be and like the entire 19 year journey i'd been on had been worth it! To finally find myself kneeling at the feet of perfection! ...

(Me kneeling before the power and beauty and perfection of Mistress Elysia)

Now when i say Mistress Elysia is perfection i'm not just talking about her stunning good looks. I'm also talking about her amazing personality, talent and skills as a Dominatrix. As i had touched upon earlier, for my first session with Mistress Elysia i had asked to try something humiliating that i had tried to do on previous occasions with other Dommes but i had always ended up backing out at the last minute. I had even tried before to include a forfeit of a kick in the balls if i failed to follow through but but even that hadn't helped as these previous Dommes had allowed me to back out and then also let me away with the forfeit. ...Not so with Mistress Elysia and this was another reason why i knew she was the Mistress for me, the one who could push me to finally fulfill all my kinkiest fantasies.. In the end i failed yet again to follow through with this particular humiliating task but do you know what?.. Mistress was as good as her word and i have always loved that about her. I was put on all fours and as agreed i got kicked in the balls for failing to complete the humiliating task however...even better than that, 3 days later in my second session my original request was carried out in such a way that it was made impossible for me to fail!! Two sessions in and Mistress had successfully helped me overcome a taboo and finally fulfill a long time humiliating fantasy. It is very fair to say i was smitten.

(Mistress Elysia making herself comfy on my back for one of the many selfies i have with her which i treasure)

Now, in the present day after 12 months serving the Mistress of my dreams i am still every bit as smitten with her as i was that very first night, my excitement at seeing her has never diminished, not even slightly. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of the 52 sessions i've been lucky enough to have so far but more than that i have enjoyed and i am grateful for every opportunity i have had this past year to serve Mistress outside of sessions. Becoming her slave and being able to be of use to her in real life is an honour and a privilege that i will never take for granted. Indeed when i am given that chance i will always give my all and be the best slave i can be. I feel very strongly that Mistress Elysia has taught me a lot over the past year. The support and guidance that she has given to me has already made me an infinitely better person and i am thankful to her for that and the happiness she has brought to my life.

(Worshipping my Queen)

Meeting Mistress Elysia could well be the best thing ever to happen to me. Serving her is a joy and for the first time in my 20 year submissive journey i can say that i am fully committed and devoted to one Mistress forever! or at least for as long as she will have me and allow me serve her. My desire to become Mistress Elysia's collared slave is unquestionable and it spurs me on to be the absolute best sub i can be so that i can one day earn that honour. I have come along way this year but my hope is that this is just the beginning of a wonderful and amazing submissive journey that will continue for ALL the years of my life that lie ahead.

(My first Christmas as Mistress Elysia's loyal boy)