I see a fair amount of tweets, often in response to a post or pic of a sub and their Professional Mistress, saying how lucky that particular sub is.

I'm sure they mean well. Perhaps they are somewhere too far away to be able to see the particular Mistress. Perhaps they have never seen one before and are admiring from a distance.

...the thing is, luck ain't got nothing to do with it.

All those 'lucky' subs share a few things in common.

They made the right kind of initial session enquiry, following the Professional's preferred contact method and enquiry instructions with due care.

They didn't start a conversation to a stranger with 'Hey Babe' and a genital picture.

They waited patiently for a response to their enquiry.

They were polite and respectful to the Professional in tone and actions before, during and after the session.

They didn't haggle or try to negotiate the Professional's established fee.

They paid any deposit requested on time.

They confirmed on the session day, arrived on time and presented the full tribute.

I think Professional Mistresses very quickly hone their bullshit radars too, so if you are trying to waste their time, think you are 'purchasing them' to follow your instructions (this attitude always amazes me!), looking for a free sext, pulling juvenile pranks or are actually interested in services they have stated they don't provide, you will not be ...lucky.

It's really not that hard to see a Professional Domme if you remember that you are talking with a fellow human being doing a job and not a kink dispensary.

Just act and behave accordingly.