When i first arrived in the presence of Mistress Elysia i did so with a list of soft and hard limits built up over 18 years of sessioning experience. Some of the things i didn’t like from some small experience of that particular fetish and some i didn’t want to try just out of plain old fear.

Mistress Elysia & slave5
  • Electrics,
  • Nipple clamps,
  • Needleplay
  • Strap on
  • Sounding
  • Caning
  • Real chastity (with a device)

Over the past 8 months each and every one of the above soft and hard limits have disappeared from my no list one by one and i am now at the stage i am willing to do any of them anytime with Mistress Eysia. In this blog i will take each kink one by one and go into more detail of my experience. There are still a few things on my to do list but i don’t think it will be long til they happen.

Violet Wand

First up was electrics which i would say was more of a soft limit as i had dabbled over the years but it wasn’t something i particularly enjoyed. But as is the case with a lot of things that changed with Mistress Elysia, whilst i’m still not a massive fan, there is something quite amazing about thinking back to being strapped down on the bench helpless and writhing about as Mistress controls the intensity of the current going through you. I do enjoy the memory if not the actual experience lol.. but the way i see it if you did enjoy it at the time then it wouldn’t be torture 😊😉

Nipple Clamps

Next up is nipple clamps, another sort of soft limit as it was often on my no list when visiting a Domme but i did already have plenty of experience in nipple pain.
One of the first mistakes i ever made with Mistress was to rate the level of my nipple pain as 3 out of 10 in one of my early sessions… i have never since been allowed to forget this and ive never dared rate it a 3 since 🤣 …in fact one of my most memorable experiences with Mistress involved nipple clamps. They had been on for a period of time and were starting to hurt so i really wanted them off! Mistress teased and pulled on then asking if i wanted them off? “Yes!” I shouted…. She smiled, “all you have to do is ask properly” she said…

Now when i get nervous or stressed i am known to laugh (even when i’m in pain),

So i asked “may i please have them off Mistress?”

“Have what off” she says..

“The nipple clamps Mistress”..

“What about them”? She says.

By this time i’m in fits of nervous laughter and i can’t string the words together and Mistress is laughing too (it was a wonderful moment) and just as laughter tears and pain tears began to fill my eyes off they came and with it the intense pain of the blood flowing back. This is just one example of a moment with the best Mistress i’ve ever known that i will never forget.


Now.. needleplay WAS 100% a hard limit of mine but i very quickly started to trust Mistress Elysia more than i had trusted any Domme ever before and this in turn led me to thinking i was ready to try things i had never done before.

So Mistress and i decided it was time to give it a go. I was stapped down as Mistress gathered the items she required. I was extremely nervous but ready and Mistress expertly took me through the process step by step and before i knew it i had 3 needles around my nipple and it was nowhere near as bad as i had feared! A hard limit had been overcome and i would not hesitate to do it again with Mistress Elysia. I have little to no fear of trying anything with her.

slave5 and Mistress Elysia’s Strap On

Strap on: This is a strange one for me. I had used butt plugs a handful of times over the years and to be honest i wasn’t that keen. A big part of the attraction to anal play for me was the idea of the Domme actually wearing the strap on and the feeling of it going in and out and after having my first proper strap on experience with Mistress Elysia it confirmed to me that i far prefer the strap on over butt plugs. What i would say with my very limited experience in this is that if you are going to do strap on in a session it is worth doing some stretching excersises at home as it saves a lot of time working up with butt plugs in session. That is indeed what i will do if at anytime Mistress informs me that strap on is on the cards again which i hope it is at some point 😋


Sounding is my most recent new experience and a few months ago and indeed for the past 19 year i would have said was a 100% non negotiable hard hard limit!! The mere idea of this brought a tear to my eye. It is a testament to the absolute trust i have in Mistress Elysia that i was even willing to consider trying this. What made it easier was knowing without a doubt that i was in safe hands. I had known this was going to happen at some point for a while but i was pretty scared right up till the final moment as Mistress picked the small steel rod that was going to be my first sounding experience…. and then it was done! All that worry had been for nothing and i had barely felt a thing. I am guessing that will change a bit as wee move up the sizes but that is for another day. For now another fear has been conquered under the guidance of the Lady i trust more than anyone else in the world.

Soft Leather Cane

One hard limit that was always the very first thing in my no list was being marked but in the past 8 months i have very much reconsidered that. For me the best part about cp is not when it’s actually happening, for me its when you get back home and you think back to how powerless and helpless you were. So lets rewind 2 weeks… i had never been caned in my life.. Mistress asked me a question and me being me i tried to give what i thought was a clever answer.. before i knew it Mistress had backed me into a corner then ordered me onto the cross and began whipping me… it was sore but nothing i hadn’t experienced before. Then she walked across the room and to my surprise i seen her in the mirror returning.. huge smile on her face with a soft leather cane, i was given a few strokes.. it was no doubt about it the sorest implement i’d ever had used on me. I was then told by Mistress i was to recieve 5 more and if i moved we would have to start again.. i did move a bit.. i couldn’t help it! It was the most painful cp i had ever recieved but thankfully Mistress stopped at the 5. I had the football after my session and every time i sat down and felt my tender bum cheeks on the seat it was a wonderful reminder of my Mistress. When i finally arrived home and inspected my marked and very slightly bruised bum i felt proud that i had managed to take it and and happy to have ticked another limit off my list. I am sure over time Mistress will take me further.. its a strange but wonderful feeling looking at the marks your Mistress has left on your skin days after your session.

My first chastity device
Mistress Elysia with my chastity key

So… Chastity was something i NEVER thought i would do EVER! So as i sit here now knowing that not only have i spent periods of time locked for Mistress Elysia but also knowing that i can and will be locked up again anytime Mistress decides i am as surprised as anyone could be. Beyond that for the past 6-7 months whether locked or unlocked my orgasms have been under the direct control of Mistress. When i first began this part of my Femdom journey i was sure i would not last! How could i live and not be allowed to play whenever i felt like it i chuckled… well heres the thing… i have somehow learned to love it. When orgasms become a special privilege each one (when you have permission) becomes more special and infinitely more enjoyable like a special event. This became clear to me recently when Mistress allowed me a free pass for a week and after a few days i realised that playing whenever i wanted was not as enjoyable as playing under Mistress’ instruction.

As for my time caged.. i discovered to my shock that while caged you a have a wonderful and constant connection to your Mistress that is hard to explain.. a closeness even when she in not there. It was a bond i never expected to discover while under lock and key. It was a very strange but wonderful feeling to experience and unlocking day! ….Well that was out of this world 🤣😂

There are still a few things on my to do list but that list is getting shorter and shorter. The wonderful thing is i know i have the perfect Mistress to guide me now and long into the future.

If you have read this far i thank you Mistress Elysia from the bottom of my submissive heart.

Mistress Elysia and slave5